Stephanie & Peter's


Date: 19-09-2020

Time: 3 pm UK time

           4 pm Danish time

Zoom ID: 834 4879 9494

Password: 190920

Zoom Directions

The Zoom for channel will open an hour before the wedding at 3 PM Danish and 2 PM UK time.

You are welcome to stay or rejoin at any time, until midnight.


We will focus on providing content that will also apply to you watching on Zoom, to make you feel part of our special day.


This Zoom channel is mainly for watching the event, and for Peter & Stephanie and their physical guests to see their online guests.

You are welcome to participate in this event. It could be by:

Giving a small talk or telling an anecdote, or perhaps by showing a picture. All this can also happen via Zoom, however it requires that you agree when and how with Peter, so please contact him directly. He will let you know how and when

Peter: +4531467909 (Danish)

            +447427117411 (UK)